Welcome to the Barrie School Humanities 6th grade wiki!

We are the 6th grade of the Barrie School, an independent school in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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What's a wiki?

A wiki is an online document, a web page, that can be edited right inside the web browser. What does that mean? It means that these web pages are shared by everyone in our classroom. It means that each of you have the privilege and responsibility of making the classroom website.

Note to public-

This is a website that evolves under the care and efforts of two classes of 6th grade students. As such, misspellings and grammatical errors will most likely be present. One of the goals of the site is to encourage students to take responsibility for authorship and to push themselves to constantly revise and edit these pages that are available for the public eye. I do view the site daily and will correct any incorrect information that I find, as well as make suggestions for editing, style, organization, and content. For the most part, I will rely on students to make those changes because this is effectively their website.


If you do happen to spot problems of a more serious nature (before I do) please let me know immediately so I can correct them.
- Bob Esty

(Thanks to David Lindsay at Room 15 wiki for wording on this introduction)

For now, comments on this wiki should be sent to me, Bob Esty, at

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